Station Engineer

Professional Media Engineering by:

Interstellar Communications, Inc.

San Luis Obispo, Calfornia USA.

Information Technology (IT)

We're pros when it comes to making IT work for you.


Too often the IT guy tries to make a solution fit your problem. We believe that for every problem there's a unique solution and we see it though to make sure the problem is really solved.


We can plan your network topology and computer needs to get maximum efficiency from your IT infrastructure. Just because the flower shop has a computer system, doesn't mean it will work in your high demand media application.


We know what works, what doesn't and when to try something new and ground breaking. We're responsible for hundreds of happy computers and their users.


Contract us and see why it's time trust your IT to a company that really understands your business.

Custom Computers

Sometimes off the shelf just won't do. We've got almost 20 years of experience building custom computer hardware and software for our clients. You name it, we've built it.
















Contact us and see how a custom built computer can lower your costs of ownership.

  • Rack mount
  • Temperature extremes
  • Remote accessible
  • Ultra fast encoding
  • Huge Storage
  • Ultra Silent
  • Solid State Hard drive
  • Touch Screen
  • Outdoor, weather proof
  • Windows
  • Linux