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Interstellar Communications, Inc.

San Luis Obispo, Calfornia USA.

Satellite Hosting

Interstellar Communications, Inc. now offers satellite hosting services.   


Hosting is a quick, inexpensive way to get satellite reception without having to install a dish and struggle with the associated costs and permits.


For broadcast stations that are unable to implement a satellite dish at their studios, our satellite hosting service is perfect for you! 


Currently providing service from:


  • AMC8 - 139 degrees West
  • Galaxy 16 - 99 degrees West
  • Galaxy 15 - 133 degrees West


More available soon.  Contact us with your satellite reception needs.

Satellite Hosting FAQ


Q- How does it work?

A- You send us, or have your network send us, the satellite receiver that has been authorized for the programming you wish to receive.  We provide the signal from the satellite dish, encode the audio and transport it over the internet to your studios.  We send you a decoder that you connect to your broadband internet connection.  The decoder at your studios provides the audio feed to your automation system or console for air.


Q- What if my satellite feed has cue relays associated with it?

A- No problem.  We will provide you with a cue relay panel that will pass along the cues from the network, just as if you had the receiver right at your own studio.


Q- I need to change programs on my receiver from time to time.  How do I do that?

A- Easy.  Your receiver will be connected to the internet which will allow you to make changes in its configuration remotely.


Contact us with your satellite reception needs.