Station Engineer

Professional Media Engineering by:

Interstellar Communications, Inc.

San Luis Obispo, Calfornia USA.


New accessory for your high tech installation.


Blank panel equipment rack filler panels. High grade glossy black acrylic panels. Patent pending attachment method  holds panel securely in place with a simple click.


No screw heads results in a smooth high tech look for your finished rack installation.


Product available for shipment immediately.

PoshPanel is ordered by the number of rack spaces you need to fill.  1 Rack space (1RU) is 1-3/4"  We stock many of the common sizes.  Any size can be custom ordered.  Please contact us for pricing and delivery.

  • Clean, high gloss black acrylic
  • Smooth hand finished edges
  • High tech look
  • No tools
  • Easy to change

Fill those empty spaces with a PoshPanel.  Easy to change as your needs change.

High tech look for your finished installation.  Contact us today for pricing and delivery.